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Community Outreach and Engagement

We take pride in dismantling accessibility barriers to social services. Our robust outreach team and mobile services bring assistance directly to you, complemented by multiple access points where our dedicated staff stands ready to help.

Supportive Services

Street-Based Outreach and Engagement

Prison Reform Project, we assure access to mental health, substance use disorder, medical, and intense case management services to those currently in need experiencing homelessness. We connect the most vulnerable to needed services. If you or someone you know is currently experiencing homelessness and had challenges with stability, use to send an outreach team out to them and connect them to services.

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Street-Based Harm Reduction Services

At the heart of Harm Reduction is our commitment to dignity, empathy, and respect. We recognize the complexities individuals face within the system and strive to create an environment that fosters positive change while addressing health and safety concern. We proposed to be providing low barrier harm reduction services, providing safe usage supplies to reduce risks associated with substance use through educating on NARCAN overdose reversals, safe consumption, safely removing used syringes from the community, and light referrals for wraparound services.

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