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We uphold the highest standard in fulfilling 
our commitments to our community. 

Core Values

Empathy and Compassion

Our core values center around empathy, fostering understanding, and compassion, demonstrating a genuine commitment to caring for others with kindness and consideration.

Respect and Accountability

Respect is the foundation of understanding and valuing others, fostering a culture of empathy, while accountability ensures responsible actions and integrity in meeting commitments.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty is the bedrock of transparent communication, and integrity is the unwavering commitment to ethical principles, shaping a foundation of trust and reliability.

Innovative Solutions

We embrace innovation as a catalyst for change. We continuously seek creative and effective solutions to address the evolving needs of the justice-involved individuals and communities. Our commitment to innovation ensures that we remain in out pursuit of transformative outcomes.


Community Centric and Collaboration

Being community-centric means prioritizing the collective well-being and growth, while collaboration emphasizes the power of the unified efforts, fostering innovation and shared success.

Advocacy for Systemic Change

PRP is a passionate advocate for systemic change. We actively work toward reforming policies and practices that contribute to the cycle of incarceration. By advocating for just and equitable systems, we aim to create lasting impact beyond individual cases.

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