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 Youth - Community Intervention

Interrupting cycles of violence by conducting rumor control and implementing proactive peacekeeping strategies.

Image by Michael Fousert

Gang Prevention / Intervention

Violence impacted youth and young adults 14-25 years old. PRP will provide a positive alternative to gang violence.

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Cognitive Behavior 

  • Mentoring

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Peace Mediation

  • Re-entry Supportive Services

Image by "My Life Through A Lens"

Community Intervention


At PRP, we advocate for the transformative impact of Community Intervention in creating safer neighborhoods. By strategically intervening in the cycle of violence, we aim to disrupt its patterns and foster a secure environment for all.  Through collaborative efforts, we empower communities to address root causes, provide support, and implement proactive measures that interrupt violence. Together, we can build resilient communities where safety is a shared priority, ensuring a brighter future for everyone.

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