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We are where implementation & innovation meet. 

Holding Hands Up High

About Us

At the Prison Reform Project, our driving force is a steadfast commitment to empowering individuals experiencing homelessness and justice or violence impacted. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle through comprehensive reentry support and wraparound services, emphasizing the Housing First model, Economic Stability, wellness service linkages, and harm reduction strategies. 
We extend our dedication to serve Veterans, the LGBTQ community, and Transition-Age Youth (TAY), recognizing the diverse challenges they may face. 


Hands Up
A Supportive Hug


Our mission is to break the cycle of recidivism by providing a holistic support that goes beyond conventional reentry and prevention/intervention programs, addressing the root causes of homelessness and justice/violence involvement. We believe in fostering a path to sustainable reintegration by prioritizing housing, employment, and overall well-being.  Offering the right resources, support, and guidance that empower individuals to find stability and purpose. 

A Better Tomorrow


Our vision is a world where every person, regardless of their past,
has the opportunity for a brighter future.

A Better Tomorrow
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