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Behavioral Health Support

We embrace a holistic approach to community healing by establishing connections to therapeutic treatment programs. Our focus extends to addressing trauma, substance use, and outpatient care, fostering a comprehensive pathway to well-being

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Mental Health Services

Our Mental Health Service partners provide comprehensive mental health and case management services for adults and teens. Those who have experienced trauma or are currently experiencing an impairment in their daily functioning.


Our goal is to provide as many clients as possible with skills and coping strategies that will allow them to participate in society in the most positive and rewarding manner possible.

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Trauma Recovery 

A Trauma Recovery linkage offers therapeutic and psychiatric services and care coordination for victims of crime and their families.  The purpose is to provide services to victims who are typically unable to access traditional services and those who do not meet requirements for
reimbursement benefits.


Trauma Recovery is committed to empowering, reinforcing, educating, and strengthening survivors. We bring awareness to the community in an effort to reestablish a sense of safety, healthy relationships, and supporting nonviolence.

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Street-Based Harm Reduction 

The Harm Reduction Program is purposed with providing low barrier harm reduction services safe usage supplies to reduce risks associated with substance use through educating on NARCAN overdose reversals, safe consumption, implementing health screenings, safely removing used syringes from the community, and light referrals for wraparound services.

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Substance Use Disorder Treatment 

At Prison Reform Project, we triage and refer to Substance Use Disorder treatment programs. as well as outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment with attached interim housing (as availability allows) through various Recovery Bridge Housing Program in our community.

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