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"Together, we build bridges of support, empowering each person with the tools and relationships necessary for a brighter more connected future."

At the Prison Reform Project, we believe in second chances linked with the transformative power of supportive services, direct linkages and providing individuals with the essential connections needed for successful reintegration into society.

Wherever you are, whenever you need, day nor night, our caring presence is a constant. We're here for you, ready to embrace you with support and understanding.



Our Re-Entry Programs provide case management, service navigation, housing support, and job assistance to individuals who have had any level of involvement with the justice system.

Renovated Space

Housing Placement & Stability

We adhere to the evidence-based "Housing First" model by establishing community-based housing linkages. We offer various housing options, including emergency, interim, and permanent solutions

Holding Hands

Behavioral Health

We offer a comprehensive approach to community healing, utilizing therapeutic treatment programs that address trauma, cognitive behavioral, mental/substance use inpatient or outpatient referrals.

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Gang-Community Intervention

Our Gang-Community Intervention provides intervention to violence impacted youth and young adults 14-25. PRP provides positive alternatives to gangs and community violence.


Supportive Services

We guarantee that all clients' needs are met through supplemental assistance, covering income benefits, nutrition, hygiene, household items, storage, arrears, and access to our mobile clothing closet.


Street-based Engagement

We take pride in reducing barriers to social services by implementing robust outreach efforts and multiple access points across all SPAs. In addition, our mobile clothing closet and food insecurity distribution.

Waiting Area

Economic Stability

We take pride in reducing barriers to the accessibility of social services by fostering economic stability through employment programs, career counseling and high quality child care options.


Community Collaboration

AT PRP, we firmly believe in the power of community collaboration. Through working together, we can leverage collective strengths and resources to address challenges effectively. Collaboration serves as a catalyst for sharing ideas, expertise, and resources, enabling us to pool our efforts for a greater impact. By fostering strong community partnerships, we enhance our ability to access the resources needed to create postitive change, ensuring a brighter and more resilient future for all.

& so much more.

Community Projects

Client Experience

"Change. Reform. Rehabilitate."
Embracing change, advocating reform, and dedicating ourselves to the rehabilitation, they are the keystones of building a more just and compassionate society. 

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