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Interim Housing

We both directly as well as partner with other community organizations to provide safe interim housing for approximately 2000+ individuals experiencing homelessness on any given night as we work towards permanent housing as a goal . 

Image by John Matychuk

Safe Parking

Harnessing the power of county and city linkages, we provide vehicle dwellers with comprehensive case management, support, and a secure place to park and sleep. Our dedicated efforts focus on finding tailored permanent housing solutions to meet their unique needs. Join us in creating a community where every individual has a pathway to stability and a place to call home.

Image by Cecilie Johnsen

Enhanced Bridge Housing

In collaboration with community organizations, we're dedicated to providing referrals to enhanced bridge housing specifically designed for transgender individuals. Our commitment extends beyond shelter, aiming to create a supportive environment that respects and meets the unique needs of the transgender community. Join us in fostering inclusivity and empowering individuals on their journey to secure and affirming housing.

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Upcoming Project

In a city marked by resilience, positive change is on the horizon. PRP, with unwavering dedication, is about to embark on a groundbreaking initiative – a bridge housing project designed specifically for individuals entangled in the justice system or those with ties to gangs.


Amidst the urban landscape, the foundation for transformation is being laid. This bridge housing represents more than concrete and steel; it signifies a bridge to a new life. The project stands as a testament to the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity for redemption and a chance to rebuild.


As the first shovels break ground, the echoes of hope resonate throughout the community. PRP envisions not just a shelter, but a supportive haven where individuals can reconstruct their lives. The bridge housing will offer more than just physical refuge; it will be a place of empowerment, equipped with resources for rehabilitation, employment, and holistic well-being.


With each layer of the foundation, PRP is constructing more than a structure – they are crafting a pathway to redemption and reintegration. The city anticipates the positive impact of this initiative, knowing that the bridge housing will serve as a beacon of change, fostering second chances and rebuilding lives.

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